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Galang Refugee Camp is situated in Galang Island (Pulau Galang), about 50km from Batam Island and connected by Barelang Bridge, to accommodate Vietnamese refugees from 1979 to 1996 while they waited for the result of the procedure to determine their refugees status and resettlement in other countries.

The Vietnamese refugees who lived on Galang Island adhere to different religions. They also set up various religious places in accordance with their religion.

Guang Shi Pu Sha statue in Quan Am Tu Quil pagoda.

A spider monkey picked up peanuts that were thrown by visitors.

The replica of the small boats used in 1975 by hundreds of Vietnamese refugees to cross the seas to escape a homeland fraught by civil war.

Immaculate Conception Mary Church (Nha To Duc Me Vo Nhem) —  a Catholic Church by the refugee camp.

The sleeping Buddha image in Chua Ky Vien Pagoda.

The sitting Buddha image in Chua Ky Vien Pagoda.